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I'm an Alpha throat fucker in Los Angeles. I collect, use and dispose of sub faggots.

test driving a faggot

A few years ago, I met some guy off Craigslist who was selling his used Jeep. It ended up looking like a piece of shit, but the guy selling it couldn't stop staring at me. It became clear to me that he was a cock-hungry faggot. As I sat down for a test drive, I adjusted my bulge, and the faggot's mouth started to water, so I said: "I will let you suck it for half off the price." He was speechless and then began to reach for my junk. I grabbed his arm and said, "Actually, I don't want this piece of shit Jeep. Just give me half of the money when you do sell it, and you can swallow my load." He said, "Yes, Sir." The fag was desperate to get ahold of my cock, but I wouldn't let him near it until I had the cash. Three days later, he called to let me know he sold his Jeep. I drove back to his place, and he sat in my car and handed me $1,400, so I immediately slammed his face on my hard cock. I fucked his mouth until I dumped a load down his throat. I ended up using him as a regular cocksucker for about a year after that. Even though I had him pay for every load he swallowed, nothing topped that first $1,400. I love my ability to sniff out a faggot cocksucker.


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faggot #11 keeps the image of my big cock always close so it can worship it throughout the day. 

Last weekend I agreed to meet a submissive wanna-be to try its holes out. The fag hole assured me it would serve me in any way, I pleased. My place wasn't free, so I decided to meet it at the nearby parking garage. As I walked up, the fag immediately dropped to its knees.

OK... I was intrigued. I ordered it to remove its pants... I then tossed them off the 4th level of the parking garage. It responded "thank you, Sir," and that was it... My dick now rock hard needed to use this hole. I had it get on all fours and quickly dropped my jeans and started to skull fuck its fag throat. The fag stayed on all fours as I pounded its cunt throat. Tears streamed from its eyes as it swallowed and gagged on my thrusting cock.

After about 10 minutes of skull fucking this fag between two parked cars, I removed my cock from its bruised and drooling throat. I pushed its face down onto the concrete ground and slid my spit-covered cock into its fag hole. I wrapped my hand around its neck as I pounded deep inside its hungry ass. The fag took every pounding, spank, slap, choke I gave... it begged, thanked, and took it all. Just before I shot my load, I stood above this freshly fucked faggot on the floor of the parking garage and sprayed my load all over its ass and back. Again it replied, "thank you, Sir."

I zipped my pants, stepped over its back, and left. On the way out, I walked past its jeans laying on the sidewalk...

I will use it again.



Alpha’s Used Underwear (cum-stain & sniff)

For fag task #3, each faggot will need to purchase a pair of my used underwear by sending $50 to on Google Pay / PayPal. A fag may also purpose $50 Amazon gift card on my wishlist as well. My underwear is also for sale on my JustFor.Fans store. If faggot is cheap and/or can't afford it, it needs to figure it out.

- purchase a pair of my used underwear
- when it arrives to take a photo of the unopened package strip naked
- open the envelope and inhale my glorious scent
- take a pic of the fag on its knees with my used underwear on its face
- lick and sniff any stains
- If the underwear fits. Take a full body photo of the faggot wearing only the underwear with the word “fag” written on its chest.
- take clear photos of proof of task completion and submit it here. If fag wishes the images to remain private, it should say so with every submission.

There will be ten fag tasks that every faggot I control and use will need to complete.

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Mobile Service

Any inferior faggot can succeed with this simple fag task all the hole needs is a phone. The faggot must download and log into either Scruff, Grindr, Growlr or Jack'd.

The fag will create a profile or edit its current profile and must have a profile photo of itself of some sort.

When the faggot hole is free to meet and serve a cock, it will log on and create a first introductory message. Write a simple message letting men know that fag is available to be of service. See these example messages in screenshots.

Once the fag has a clear introductory message informing men that it is available to be used as a hole. The introduction should be simple and only to notify the man that it is available to be used. The fag cannot suggest any acts or personal desires. Use these screenshots as a guideline. It will log on to the app and copy and paste the same message to first (and nearest) 20 men logged on. Do not skip any or scroll ahead. It will message every single man logged on. Starting with the closest and moving down the screen. One by One.

This fag task is a hookup task that reinforces that a faggot's desires and preferences do not matter. The fag will make itself available to all men. The bottoms and other betas will ignore a fag's offer, and that is okay.

When, a man, does respond and request to use the fag's throat or hole. It will comply and serve him. The fag MUST meet and get used by the first available man. It will say, "Yes, Sir," and meet him and please him. It may not request to see his private photos or ask for more photos. It must meet the first available, any man that wants it.

First come, first serve.

If the faggot does not get a response with the first 20 men, it will continue down the line messaging another 20 until it selected for use. This hook-up is not for the faggot's pleasure. Inferior fags are a tool for men to use, fuck, and put back in his toolbox when done.

Each fag must send proof of task completion to Master J at by including screenshots of its profile, the introduction message, and the conversation with the man it served.

There will be extra points for the faggot with photos or videos of the fag getting used by that first man that chose it. 


Alpha Image Worship 

For this week’s fag task all lowly faggots must spend 30 minutes worshipping an image or video of Me or my Superior cock. Lowly faggots can find photos or videos of the Sir on my Twitter @fagthroatbash or my

Make a video of the faggot, naked and on its knees worshipping my image (show the screen it's watching from in the video). It is not to cum in the video but, it will be playing with its fag hole while looking at and worshipping Me. 

I will also accept clear still images as proof of task completion. Post them to Twitter tagging @fagthroatbash and #fagtask5. It may also send it privately to

There are ten fag tasks that each faggot wishing to serve must complete in any order.


Gas Station Toilet

For this week’s fag task all lowly faggots must visit the nearest gas station bathroom to its place. The fag will strip down completely nude, and with hands behind their back, fags will proceed to lick the toilet seat clean. (urinals accepted as long as they are filthy)

Take a clear photo of proof of task completion and post them to Twitter tagging @fagthroatbash and #fagtask6. It may also send it privately to

There are 10 fag tasks that each faggot wishing to serve must complete. 


faggot inspection

This week’s fag task is so easy, even dumbest faggot can understand

Each faggot must present itself for inspection by taking the following photos.

- Take a photo of faggot fully nude with the words “fagthroatbash me” written on fag’s body while kneeling with mouth wide open

- Take a photo of faggot bent over and spreading its fag hole open with both hands

- Take a photo of fag standing fully nude (head to toe) from the front and one from the back

- Take clear photos of proof of task completion and post to Twitter tagging @fagthroatbash #fagtask7 or send privately to

There are ten fag tasks in total that every faggot wishes to worship me must complete.

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fag Task #8

faggot throat training

This week’s fag task includes throat training. Each cocksucker must own a large dildo between 8-10 inches for daily throat-training. The faggot will need to use that dildo to face fuck its throat balls deep. 

- Each faggot must document this task with a photo or video of it deep throating the dildo completely.

- Completely swallow the dildo down its throat, holding there each time for as long as it can. After several attempts fag will be able to take it longer and longer. Repeat this training.

- Bonus points for those faggots that have the word #fagthroatbash written on their forehead visible in the picture.

- Take photos of proof of task completion and post on Twitter tagging @fagthroatbash and #fagtask8. If the faggots wish the images to remain private, it may email proof directly to Master Joey Cazzo at

There will be ten fag tasks in total that every faggot I control and use must complete.


drinking the fag piss

For one entire day, the faggot will drink its piss only from the moment it wakes up until it is time for bed. Many faggots will fail and struggle with this task. The key is to push itself and see how far it can go. Keep count.

- Have a glass or thermos that holds 16oz or and keep it on hand throughout the day.

- Every time the fag has to piss, fill the glass and drink it.

- Keep count of every glass fag drinks

- Take photos and videos and submit to Master Joey Cazzo or post on Twitter tagging @fagthroatbash and #fagtask9 or if fag prefers to keep it private, it may send it directly to

There will be ten fag tasks that every faggot I own and use need to complete in any order.